Music instruction can be enjoyable and inspire creativity. Each individual's aspirations and goals are valued.  Learning an instrument, especially the piano, has many proven benefits.  Numerous studies have demonstrated profound and lasting benefits to minds young to adult through actively taking piano lessons. 

As a piano teacher, Katherine provides a solid musical foundation for the student to explore a wide spectrum of music from the classics to top hits.

Katherine Scarano

Pottersville Piano Lessons are located in Tewksbury Township, New Jersey, serving Morris, Hunterdon, and Somerset Counties

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Katherine teaches piano to anyone from age five and on. Every student is treated as an individual with careful attention to the basics of the piano. At their piano lessons, students are given the tools to discover the pleasure of playing songs that they enjoy. 

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Katherine wants to hear from you! Please contact her with any questions and to schedule your first lesson.  She can be reached at 908-625-0043.

Lessons are taught in Pottersville, Tewksbury Township, New Jersey - Pottersville is on the corner of Morris, Somerset and Hunterdon Counties.

in Pottersville, New Jersey